Melissa, Counselor

Melissa is a Cabin Counselor. She graduated from Antenor Orrego University with a degree in Dentistry. Her love of elephants is long-standing, and she is eager to share that with campers! As an International Camp Counselor, and a native of Trujillo, Peru, Melissa is excited to spend her summer in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Brandon, Counselor

Brandon is a Cabin Counselor. He graduated from Hugo ISD and will be attending the University of Oklahoma in the fall. As a member of the Leo Club and National Honors Society, he is very active in his community. Brandon is an avid soccer fan, loves the outdoors and he’s looking forward to meeting his team this summer!

Adrienne, Counselor

Adrienne is a Cabin Counselor. She graduated from Hugo ISD and will be attending Southeastern Oklahoma Sate University this fall to pursue her degree in Psychology. She is an active member of the National Honors Society, often serves as a volunteer in her community, and is an accomplished saxophone player! Adrienne is thrilled to experience camp life and created lasting bonds through the summer.

Bryce, Counselor

Bryce is a Cabin Counselor. He graduated from Hugo ISD and will be attending The University of Oklahoma in the Fall. He is a leader on the Youth Advisory Board and a Volunteer at the local Boys & Girls Club. He enjoys giving back to the children in his community and being actively involved in shaping their future. Bryce loves music and photography and is excited about getting to know our amazing campers this summer!

Maya is joining Awesome Adventures Summer Camp as an Assistant Counselor. She has a great love for the outdoors and animals of all kind! Maya is extremely creative and innovative and looking forward to helping our campers with fun and unique crafts and projects.

Maya, Assistant Counselor


Ms. Baker, Camp Director

Ms. Baker is Camp Co-Director. She has over 7 years experience in the Grant / Goodland ISD and has extensive experience with special needs students.She continues to be an advocate for inclusion of all students in the community. As a Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club, long time Oklahoma resident and animal champion, Ms. Baker loves working with youth of all ages and cannot wait to share that joy with her campers!

Mr. Dill, Camp Director

Mr. Dill is Camp Co-Director. He is currently a Social Studies, Gifted and Talented, and Enrichment educator at Hugo Intermediate School. His passion is education and youth of all ages. Mr Dill has been a camp counselor with Camp Goodard for 8 years and  the director of the Sky Ranch program for 4 years. As a vital educator in Hugo ISD, he has directed community outreach, advocated for underprivileged youth, and continues to teach staff development. He looks forward to becoming an elephant ambassador alongside his campers this summer.


"May All Your Adventures Be Awesome!"


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