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Adult Elephant Expedition 

Have you ever wanted to spend the day with an elephant? Now you can!

Due to a great deal of public interest, the Oklahoma Awesome Adventures is partnering with the Endangered Ark Foundation to offer visitors a unique opportunity to participate in an All-Day Elephant Expedition. BOOK NOW on one of the following available dates: SEPT 22nd, OCT 7th and NOV 4th from 8:00am to 2:00pm!
The Elephant Expedition will offer guests the ability to interact, receive information, and meet the EAF pachyderm residents in a unique up-close and hands-on experience. The educational curriculum topics and activities will include the following: Pachyderm husbandry, nutrition, diet, anatomy, enrichment, characteristics, behaviors, reproduction and over all well-being.

Guests will have the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions, hand feed an elephant, have a tour of the facility, bathe an elephant and dine with our elephant specialists (lunch provided)!

Book Online

To book online, click inside the calendar on the date you would like to sign up for

Sept 22, Oct 7th and Nov 4th, then click the "Book" button that appears.


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