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2020  Junior Elephant Ambassador Camp


Oklahoma Awesome Adventures is a one week overnight camp (5 days / 4 nights) located in Hugo, OK, close to Hugo Lake and right next door to the Endangered Ark Foundation, one of the nation's largest private elephant facilities in the United States.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about one of the world’s most endangered species – the Asian Elephant – up close and in person.  In addition to earning their Jr. Elephant Ambassador Certification, Campers will also be provided with valuable lessons and enriching activities that will focus on Team Building, Leadership, Community Services and Recreation Fun!

Camp Sessions

The 2020 Summer Camp will offer eight sessions for campers to choose from. Boys will be allowed to enroll for sessions one, three, five, and seven and girls will be allowed to choose from sessions two, four, six, and eight. Each session will be held from Sunday through Thursday. Apply today - limited slots are available!


Camper must be 10-12 yrs of age on or before the first day of camp.

Session 1: June   7 - 11 (Boys)

Session 2: June 14 - 18 (Girls)

Session 3: June 21 - 25 (Boys)

Session 4: June 28 - July 2 (Girls)

Session 5: July    5 - 9   (Boys)

Session 6: July  12 - 16 (Girls)

Session 7: July  19 - 23 (Boys)

Session 8: July  26 - 30 (Girls)

Objectives &    Activities

Education - Learn all about Asian Elephants and how you can help them to have a brighter future.

Conservation - Become an elephant ambassador! Learn about preservation efforts and how to safeguard the future of these magnificent animals.

Community Service - Understand how you can serve your community better and what your community needs.

Team Building - Learn how to be a part of a team and the importance of working together to make a bigger impact.

Leadership - Leadership starts with you! Develop your social, ethical, emotional, and physical skills in a hands-on group setting.



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Due to popular demand, pre-registration for the 2020 season is open! To register, just use the calendar below to select a camp session in June or July 2020 and complete the signup process. If you can't pre-register now, you can enter your email below to be reminded when the camp session begins next year.

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